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Palma's old town is packed with fascinating traces of the past. Join me to get to savour a lot of history in very few steps!


  • Grupo de hasta 20 personas: 250€


  • Cathedral of Majorca


  • 2 hours


  • Spanish, Catalan or English


  • Monumental Palma. Civil and religious buildings of great architectural value. The Cathedral, a masterpiece from the Gothic; the Almudaina, a palace built on the side of an old Moorish fortress; the Merchant Guild’s building, impressive interior space featured by spiral columns; City Hall, Palma’s government since the 13th century;the convent of Sant Francesc, stunning Barroque façade.
  • Palma rebuilt. Decisive transformations in the XIX and XX centuries. Born, a charming promenade area; Jaume III, comercial street;Gran Hotel, iconic Art Nouveau building and first Mallorca’s hotel; Plaça Major, the main square of Palma.
  • Time detained. Houses and courtyards of aristocratic Palma. We’ll admire the prodigious majesty and grandeur of the mansions built by the historic ruling clases. You will also find out more about the conditions that allowed the local aristocracy to accumulate their massive fortunes.
  • Palma’s Call Major. Medieval Jewish quarter. In the Middle Ages, the Jews of Palma inhabited a very busy neighborhood that became crucial to the economy and culture of the city. As you stroll those streets and alleys you’ll heard about the vicissitudes of that community.
  • Palma islámica. When Palma was Medina Mayûrca. For almost three and half centuries Palma was an Islamic city. That era left a significant and long-lasting influence that is all too often forgotten. During the tour you’ll discover how water determined the perimeter of Palma’s old town and the shape of the street layout.

5 responses to “Essential Palma”

  1. Margarita Perelló Avatar
    Margarita Perelló

    Ha sido super interesante participar en este tour! A veces a los residentes también se nos olvida descubrir la historia de donde vivimos!

  2. Gaspar Tarongí Avatar
    Gaspar Tarongí

    Una visita fenomenal. No sabía que Palma tenía tanta historia, y si te la cuenta un guía que sabe, mucho mejor. Volveré a hacer otra visita guiada con vosotros.

  3. Joana Antònia Avatar
    Joana Antònia

    Encantada d’haver participat en aquesta petita ruta per Palma. Gràsis a tot s’equipo per havermos descubert es raconets de Ciutat, i gràsis Biel per explicar tan bé!

  4. Rosa Cladera Avatar
    Rosa Cladera

    M’ha agradat molt aquesta volta per Ciutat, el guia sabia transmetre la seva historia, segur que repetesc!!

  5. Nofre Miró Avatar
    Nofre Miró

    Hi vàrem anar sa meva dona i jo i ens va agradar molt perquè ja som vells i no podem fer gaire via i la visita es va fer a bon pas i ens va anar molt bé per a nosaltres.

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