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Circuit 4 tours to discover Palma from different perspectives and historical periods.


  • Próximamente – Palma islámica
  • Próximamente – Palma judía
  • Próximamente – Palma señorial
  • Próximamente – Siente la historia, una manera nueva de descubrir Palma


  • All tours start at 18.30 h


  • The tours last approximately 2 hours.
  • Performed in Catalan or Spanish, depending on the attendees.


  • Palma islámica – S’Hort del Rei (Estatua Des Foner)
  • Palma judía – Cathedral (Plaça de la Seu)
  • Palma señorial – Basílica de San Francisco
  • Feel the history, a new way of discovering Palm – Plaza San Gerónimo (at the foutain)


  • Palma islámica. When Palma was Medina Mayûrca. For almost three and half centuries Palma was an Islamic city. That era left a significant and long-lasting influence that is all too often forgotten. During the tour you’ll discover how water determined the perimeter of Palma’s old town and the shape of the street layout.
  • Palma judía. In the Middle Ages, the Jews of Palma inhabited a very busy neighborhood that became crucial to the economy and culture of the city. As you stroll those streets and alleys you’ll heard about the vicissitudes of that community.
  • Palma señorial. Houses and courtyards of aristocratic Palma. We’ll admire the prodigious majesty and grandeur of the mansions built by the historic ruling clases. You will also find out more about the conditions that allowed the local aristocracy to accumulate their massive fortunes.
  • Feel the history, a new way of discovering Palma. Visit that incorporates dynamic participatory to become familiar and generate a link with the past of the city.

*The realization of this service is subject to a minimum reserve. In the case of not performing the service, the booking amount will be returned once you confirmed the suspension of the service.

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